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GULBAHAAR (Capsules) for Women's Problem


This medicine keeps the beauty, youth and health of women stable. It removes leucorrhea and all the flaws in the uterus. Women become eligible for pregnancy. This drug is a valuable gift for married, mothers of children, weak, loose, and age draw women. The body becomes nimble, agile, and strong by consuming it. The color becomes shiny; the laxity of the body is removed. Elderly woman also becomes the center of attraction for her husband.


Totally free from side effect.

Direction for Use

2 Capsules twice in a day with cow milk or as directed by the physician.


each Capsule (Approx 600 mg) contains: Areca Catechu Linn 137.4 mg., Pistachievera Linn 68.4 mg., Butea Frondosa Linn 68.4 mg., Wrightia Tinctona R. Br 137.4 mg., Withania Somnifera Dunal 137.4 mg., Iron (Kushta)20.4 mg., Coral (Kushta) 20.4 mg., Pearl (Kushta) 10.2 mg.


40 Capsules