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GLICIRIL (Pills) ( Successful Medicine for Diabetes )


It is a precious medicine for Diabetes and has been prepared by keeping in mind the main causes of Diabetes. It keeps away from all the side effects caused due to Diabetes like tiredness, weakness, swelling of face and legs, joint pain, breathlessness, passing urine frequently, restlessness etc.
It heals physical weakness completely. It gives strength to pancreas to release insulin. It also strengthens kidney and liver.
Diabetic patient who are under allopathic medication can take these medicines simultaneously.
It will be beneficial and cure the disease. Allopathic and Glyciril tablets should be taken in a gap of 1 hour for better and effective results.
Once the diabetes is in control, intake of allopathic medicines should be stopped and Glyciril tablets should be continued. Glyciril tablets helps in curing high blood pressure. Intake of these tablets for a longer duration does not have any side effects. Even heart patients and patients suffering from high blood pressure can take these medicines without any worry of side effects.


Totally free from side effect.

Direction for Use

2 Pills twice or thrice in a day or as directed by the physician.


each Pill (Approx 350mg) contains: Terminalia Chebula Retz 31.8 mg., Terminalia Bellerica 31.8 mg., Embliea officinalis 31.8 mg., Curcums longa Linn 31.8 mg., Ele Hus cards momum Maton 31.8 mg., Tinospora cardifotia 31.8 mg., Mineral pitch / Asphalt 31.8 mg., Pearl 31.8 mgAxadirachta Indica A 31.8 mg., comiphora Mukul 53.0 mg., Bombusa Bombos 10.6 mg.


60 / 120 Pills