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Wajudi is an emerging pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing facilities for herbal products in India. A blend of Unani, Ayurvedic and modern medical science Wajudi provides a range of herbal healthcare products which are qualitative as well as economical. Herbal medicines are becoming most popular remedy in incurring many diseases because of it has less or no side effects.

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It is a precious medicine for Diabetes and has been prepared by keeping in mind the main causes of Diabetes. It keeps away from all the side effects caused due to Diabetes like tiredness, weakness, swelling of face and legs , joint pain , breathlessness, passing urine frequently, restlessness etc. .


Provides power to the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and the major organs of the body, Increases immunity power, removes swelling of the face, legs and whole body, Strengthens the urinary bladder, removes all problems of frequent occurrence urine, blob-dribbling and irritation of urine etc. and It is also beneficial for sperm reduction.

LIVRINA (Capsules)

This drug is extremely beneficial to remove liver renal inflammation and also cures uterine and intestinal disturbances .This medicine is equally beneficial to children, youths and old people.