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Wajudi is an emerging pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing facilities for herbal products in India. A blend of Unani, Ayurvedic and modern medical science Wajudi provides a range of herbal healthcare products which are qualitative as well as economical. Herbal medicines are becoming most popular remedy in incurring many diseases because of it has less or no side effects.

We at Wajudi know that three quarters of plants that provide active ingredients for prescription drugs came to the attention of researchers because of their use in traditional medicine. Wajudi is dedicated towards the superior quality products. We own a very well established infrastructure which includes a laboratory, R&D unit and production unit. With a very strong base of satisfied clients, we are highly emboldened by the effectiveness of our drugs and their acceptance among our clients. Wajudi offers wide range of products that includes drugs for Thyroid , diabetic patients, Liver,Kidney cares, Skin care etc.

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Unani System of Medicine is the natural way of treatment with the help of natural resources for almost every major disease.
Since ancient times natural resources have been used to cure various diseases. Many Hakims and scientists have researched and used the advantages of Unani medicines to treat multiple chronic disorders.

Unani medicines is best known and popular world wide. In India too, it is widely used for treatment. So much is its popularity that even Ayurved has accepted its advantages and benefits. Today Ayurvedic and Unani medicine are used hand in hand for different remedies.

“Wajudi Laboratories and herbal research centre’’ has initiated research on incurable diseases. We at Wajudi Laboratories manufacture medicines under the supervision of qualified experts and maintain high quality standards. Special care is taken for our quality and product efficacy.

For decades of dedication, Wajudi Laboratories has been felicitated by the famous Hakim Ajmalkhan Award. Due to our restless efforts and sincere dedication countless number of Doctors, Researchers and Hakims recommend Wajudi products to cure major diseases for their patients. Wajudi Laboratories have been successful in finding cure for major ailments, and will always work for improving quality of life.